JokerBoat Wide 620

“Looking to impress friends and clients with a comfortable, sleek and fast RHIB boat? Then look o further, the Wide 620 is your boat of choice”.

The Wide 620 is designed to impress and catch the eye. It’s style is impeccable and features some out of the ordinary characteristics which might surprise.


The wide 620 is, as the name suggests wide and comfortable. Space is key in the Wide 620 and runs dominant form bow to stern.
The bow, in fact, is a large sundeck; it stands tall in respect to similar models to give an immediate passage from sundeck to nose and finally to dock/yacht.
The console is moved to the starboard (right) to leave a large port passage; this is though off to also facilitate mounting for the he deck’s floor to the sundeck to disembark (a small step to access the sundeck from the decks floor can be printed at request).
The console is very small and futuristic. It houses only essential features and does not allow the install of superfluous gadgets. This was thought to slow maximum space for moving whilst on board. No driver’s seat is available on this model, only a resting cushion is fitted to allow more space to rear passengers and a taller driving view.
The stern is characterised by a “U” shaped dinette, able to sit 5/6 passengers. Also, underneath the seating spaces, the Wide 620, offers large storage spaces as they do at the bow.

Two small steps, in the stern cockpit,allow a easier access to the lateral platforms and ease surpassing the dinette’s backrest.


Concierge and Tender: the Wide 620 is designed to be a small sea taxi. With his 5/6 people carrying space and easy to access bow and stern it is optimal to carry people from one place to an other in conform and style.

Recreational: many customers enjoy the Wide 620 as an everyday boat to treat friends and family to a comfy day at sea. Ideal for children, since they are protected in the stern whilst sailing and can easily access the bow to enjoy diving from the front nose or just snoozing in the sun.

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  • Oars
  • Inflator
  • Repairing Kit
  • Owner Manual + CE Certificate
  • Sundeck Cushion’s + Driver’s Seat
  • Consolle with Windshield, Inox  Handrail and Hydraulic Steering
  • Fuel Tank Lt.95
  • Water Tank Lt.70
  • Ladder


  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • Boat Cover
  • Bimini Top
  • Consolle Cover
  • Electric Panel (various functions)
  • Fuel Tank Lt.85
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • Teak Deck

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