JokerBoat Mainstream 33′

“A strong name for a strong boat; the Mainstream 33 is the biggest and most spacious boat of JokerBoat’s range, ideal for family trips and to impress.”

The Mainstream 33 is the biggest JokerBoat in all ranges. It offers wide spaces for onboard living, a bathroom and all necessary optional  to enjoy a day at sea with family and friends.


From bow to stern, the Mainstream 33 is as spacious as it can get. The bow offers a small but surprisingly wide nose, for descending whilst at the moor; further more the bow sundeck space’s conformation is particular since the front storage compartment (used for the anchor) is taller than it’s surroundings. This particular conformation is designed to ease the descent/access from/to, the front nose.

The remaining bow sundeck area is characterised by a U shaped cushion which covers up one large storage compartment and two smaller compartments, one on each side.

As nearly all JokerBoats, the bow sundeck area can be elongated to fuse with the console seating area and create a vast space to sunbathe.

The console is the central piece of all the boat. It literally stands in the middle of the deck, granting equal space on the port and starboard and is completely walk-around. Within a small access door, on the starboard of the console, lies a large bathroom wide as the entire console itself and tall enough for a 1.80m person to stand in. A mirror, wash basin with shower head and WC are encased within the bathroom area. The bathroom is lighted and kept aired by a top porthole; this guarantees fresh air entering the bathroom while the door is closed, for maximum privacy.

The console’s instrument space is large enough for any accessory you might wish to install, plus it houses two storage spaces for small objects like phone or documents. To finish off the console’s, a wide and very comfortable seating area is standard issue. It can rotate to offer 2 positions: standing up back rest or sitting down.

The seating areas is, itself mounted on a wide and spacious fiberglass trunk. This trunk opens to reveal 2 (or 3) fire stove, a small sink and, if requested, a small cutting board. Underneath the stove hatch, is the opening for the fridge and a small door to access the stove’s gas tank.

The stern of the boat is characterised by a large sundeck cushion wide enough to fit over 3 people. If requested, the sundeck space at the rear may be decreased and a small dinette to sit 3 people whilst in march may be installed. Underneath the cushion lies a huge storage hatch with access to batteries and motor equipment.

Finally the stern cockpit is wide and easily accessible. On both sides, two steps are standard to access the swimming platforms with ease form the deck. The AFT platforms are themselves wide but not too much as to not interfere with the motors movement.



Recreational: due to it’s features, inclusive of: a WC, large living spaces, a Fridge and the optional of a small fire stove; the Mainstream 33 is the optimal boat for any recreational user. The hull is soft and well balanced to absorb as many impact as possible and weight is balanced to grant stability to the boat. Living spaces are optimal and wide for movement all around the boat, as well as for relaxing. with the install of a bimini top it is possible to  create large shade areas from the stern to in front of the console.


Tender: The Mainstream 33 is also an optimal boat for people carrying and tender operations to large boats. It can be fitted with T-top and a small lateral ladder steps for disembarking whilst at moor. Also the bathroom area within the console, may be adapted to become storage space for clothing, shoes or other goods to be carried to shore from a large yacht. It serves very well also for concierge services since the seating space is ample and comfortable.


Renting: Being so family friendly and customer oriented, the Mainstream 33 is sure to be a hoot and a half for any renting facility.

Being easy to use and very comfortable, the Mainstream 33 is an easy choice for any customer to choose in order to spend a gorgeous summer at sea. It offers tons of comforts clients appreciate such as:  ample seating/living areas, fridge, bathroom, stove and motor power.

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  • Oars
  • Inflator
  • Repairing kit
  • Owner manual + CE Certificate
  • Sundeck Cushions + Driver’s Seat
  • Consolle with Windshield, Inox handrail and Hydraulic Steering
  • Fridge Lt.75
  • Washbasin
  • Sink (int.)
  • Shower head (int/ext.)
  • Electric Panel various Functions
  • Stove (2 or 3 Fires)
  • WC + Macerator
  • Ladder
  • Electric Windlass with Anchor & Chain
  • Fuel Tank Lt.550
  • Water Tank Lt.90


  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • Boat Cover
  • Consolle Cover
  • Stainless Steel Inox Rollbar 50mm
  • Teak Deck

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