JokerBoat Wide 950

“Why buy a rigid boat when you can have all it’s comforts and more with the Wide 950? Cabin equipped, WC equipped, spacious and practical. Need to say more?”

The Wide 950 is not your standard RHIB. It’s shape and functionality set it apart from all of it’s competitors and make it irresistible for sea dwellers and relaxing lovers.


The Wide 950 is, as the name suggests, very wide and nearly 10m long.

The bow is characterised by a top deck and a inside cabin: both highly spacious and extremely comfortable.

Starting from the outer sundeck: the bow sunbathing area  take up exactly half of the boat. From nose to consolle the sundeck is a flat, long surface easily accessible from the lateral consolle steps. The port (left) and starboard (right) sundeck space has standard, two sets of inox handrails to add protection whilst on top and provide a better grip space. The cushions are comfortable and large enough for 4 people to comfortably lie down and enjoy some rays. Amongst the cushions is the main porthole that lights up the cabin and permits access both in and out easily, but we shall get tho this later on.

The consolle is integrated with the boat’s sundeck/cabin and is very large and aerodynamic. It is fully walk-around, except in front you must walk on the sundeck; still it’s front part hosts a cushion to act as back rest whilst sunbathing. Laterally it has 2 round portholes to allow lightning both to the cabin and the the WC plus other lighting windows places underneath the windshield.

Having central driving, the consolle has, thus, space on it’s port side to host the door to access the cabin. The cabin is as long as the upper sundeck and can be accessed easily from the consolle’s door through the use of 2 small steps.

Upon entry, a small hallway leads to all various spaces inside the cabin. On the left,  a large storage compartment space can be easily accessed and used for storing any material to be kept safe during sailing. It also houses the fridge a s small table to be used as shelf. To the right stands the door to the bathroom and in front the large bedding area.

The bathroom is accessible, as mentioned before by a door, just in front of the fridge and storing area. The bathroom door opens towards the cabin’s entrance door; this implies that it is necessary to first move towards the bed before opening the bathroom’s door. The bathroom itself is spacious and practical. It includes:  a sink with extendable shower head, various storage compartments, a WC, a mirror and a porthole for ventilation.

Coming back out from the bathroom, a large bedding space occupied 3/4 of the cabin. It can host 2 people lying down conformably. On the two side walls cushions to support the back if seated and the most bow wall can host a TV or simply remain plain. The bead is accessible from the consolle’s door or from the porthole on the sundeck, which n this case from within may be seen as a roof.

Coming back out of the cabin; the driver’s seat is a standard wide configuration seat. The rotating cushion doubles the seat as a back rest and as a wide and comfortable seating area. The structure comprises within, whilst open, a set of two fires stove and a small sink. To finish off the look a teak table extends at the back for further utile space.

Towards the stern the Wide 950 offers a long and comfy dinette which may host up to 6/7 people at a time. The central seating area open to reveal even more storage space and, in order to access the AFT platforms, a set of lateral steps ease the crossing over of the two lateral back rests.

At the most stern,an extendable shower is fitted within one of the two steps  and platforms are wide and long to maximise usable space.

Finally a fiberglass rollbar comes standard with the Wide 950 and is a finishing touch  in the look of the boat. It houses two separate bimini tops to guarantee full coverage from the sun from the steering wheel to the end of the dinette’s back rest.


Recreational: the Wide 950 is a pure recreational boat. It is the perfect fit for the family that wants to have fun whilst having all possible comforts on board. Thanks to the Wc, bed and huge living spaces it is a key boat to attract those individuals seeking a night out in a quiet calm bay, or just those people whom enjoy snoozing in the evening and sunbathing in the morning.

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  • Oars
  • Inflator
  • Repairing Kit
  • Owner Manual + CE Certificate
  • Sundeck Cushions + Driver’s Seat
  • Consolle with Windshield, Inox Handrail and Hydraulic Steering
  • Fridge
  • Washbasin
  • Sink
  • Shower + WC
  • Ambient Lights
  • Fiberglass Rollbar with Lights
  • Double Bimini Top
  • Ladder
  • Water Tank Lt.90
  • Fuel Tank Lt. 440
  • Bilge Pump
  • Stove 2 Fires
  • Electric Panel (various functions)
  • Teak Table


  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • Boat Cover
  • Double Cylinder Hydraulic Steering
  • Electric Windlass with Anchor & Chain
  • Teak Deck

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